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I Like Angels.

Submitted by Chris A. Davis (Holland, Michigan)

Angels brought a friend what we needed the most

My friend, Barb, asked for an old angel book of mine, since I couldn’t find it, headed to the bookstore to see if I could spot it. What I found instead was “Angels In My Hair” by Lorna Byrne. I started reading it and knew that it was brought to us for a reason. Gave Barb her copy and had to share with two other people. No matter how you believe….this book is such a feel good book and will ease folks’ minds on….dying, losing loved ones (especially babes)….how we can begin to be more aware of our world and what it needs….how we can truly make a difference….alone….and together. I’m hoping to share with say, my medical dept. where I work…asking folks to sign their name and then pass it on to someone else….knowing they’ll probably buy their own copies, too. Thank you, Angels. You’re one yourself, cookie! Thank you for all that you’re doing.