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I Like Christmas.

Submitted by M. Jeffers (Pickerington, Ohio)

providing money to a co-worker on Christmas Eve so he could have a Christmas meal with his family

Because of Dave Ramsey my husband and I have been blessed and because of that blessing we were able to bless one of my co-workers on Christmas Eve. Last Christmas Eve I was talking with a co-worker (we are both police officers) catching up on family and holiday plans. I had been talking about Dave Ramsey to just about everyone that would listen but also knew when to back off. I listened and discovered that due to health related problems in his family and a bank error my friend was not going to be able to provide a Christmas meal for his family that was planning on coming to his house on Christmas. He never let on to anyone that he was having problems and would never ask for help, family was not aware of the situation that he and his wife were in. Due to the timing of events and the holidays the banks were closed and he was not able to take care of the bank issue. He never asked for help but as I continued to listen I just wanted to shout “I can help and would be blessed to do so”. So after awhile I called my husband and explained, without questions he agreed to giving money to help. With that I went to the bank ATM and withdrew what my limit was for the day. I went to CVS and purchased a Christmas card and then inserted the gift inside. I found him in his cruiser and just walked up and said Merry Chrhistmas. I felt so good, being able to help a friend. I had felt that for a long time I was on the receiving end of the gift and now I was able to bless someone. I do not know how his Christmas ended but I know I was on cloud nine and was given the best gift ever, the gift of giving. Thank you Dave for the gift you have blessed my family with!