Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

I Like the feeling of giving.

Submitted by Jenny Polson (Kentwood, Michigan)

Practice Random Kindness all of My Life

I always practice random kindness and think I may be selfish for the reasons behind it. I like to make people happy and surprise people. I love for people to smile in disbelief. Here are some simple things I do:

I pay for the person behind me at McDonalds
I give away gift cards I earn from time to time at work to people who have blessed me (i.e. my pastor’s wife or a close friend)
I pray for everyone in the entire world at least monthly.
I dream big and encourage others to do the same

I always said I wanted to be like Oprah and if I had money I would give away things like she does….Well now I say I am Jennifer and am operating in the same spirit of Oprah but on a smaller scale FOR NOW.

I can’t wait for God to bless me so I can continue to make others happy and unlock potential they never knew they had.

My biggest dream is to start my own foundation under the umbrella of youth and education to help underprivileged youth unlock their potential. I can’t wait for God to bless me to be able to do this full time.