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I Like black friday.

Submitted by andy and christy cass (rochester, mn)

a neighbors car started on fire and burnt to the ground with everything in it.

On black Friday my neighbor mike came over to share some good news and bad news:

I thought it was going to be some news about a great steal of deal from his 3am snag

Mike started with the good news, “Sara is ok”

bad news “Our car burnt to the ground, and everything in it”

I mourned with him for their loss of their 90’s Pontiac swaggin waggin van that needed a new muffler it was a great daily 730am alarm clock for me. RIP rest in peace.

I also rejoiced in the fact that everyone was ok.

My wife and I offered our car to them if they needed it through the weekend or when ever.

When Mike went home, my wife and i were not capable to purchase anything for them, but we did the next best thing; we posted a request on facebook: “REQUEST: anybody have used car seats for a 5 year old and 1+ year old that you would be ok departing with? my neighbors van literally burnt to the ground.”

within 10 minutes i had a phone call letting me know that the Depeel family had a carseat for my nieghbors and within the hour we delivered it to Mike and Sara. by the next day we dropped off the booster seat.

this story isnt’ about me or my wife, but the willingness of people to respond and give in the time of need.

I truly believe if we’re faithful with the small things in our lives then we can be trusted with the bigger things.

Mike and Sara have been blown away with the quick response and generosity of people that don’t even know them.

we’re just blessed to see there smile and read their text messages of of joy and thankfulness