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I Like books & stuffies.

Submitted by Shauna Congelliere (Las Vegas, NV)

Homeless Hugs

My family drove downtown to feed the homeless. Usually there are men and women of all varieties to serve breakfast to. The kids pour milk on cereal, hand out muffins, and send the people along with a smile and God Bless You. But this time there were three homeless children, too. My daughter’s heart was touched. Seeing a greater need than food, she thought that they would need something to hug at night if they were cold or scared. She thought some more as she handed them breakfast… they might not be in school while living on the streets. She pulled me down to hear her whispered thoughts then off to the car she flew with a gleam in her eye. To her own delight and that of the children, she brought out three of her favorite reading books and three small stuffed animals. Their hearts warmed in the giving and receiving moment that my heart will not soon forget.