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I Like Apple Stores.

Submitted by Faith

While standing in line waiting for service - a lady (Teacher) learned her computer died.

I was waiting to get an appointment for my laptop. A young lady next to me was discussing her upcoming adventure as a new school teacher in Special Education. I was listening and the service tech said her computer wasn’t going to make it.

I had just received my school loan money and without hesitation, I turned and said – “Let me buy you a new one.” She looked in dismay and then I mentioned Jesus. Her eyes watered up and her friend said – “Your prayers have been answered.”

Me, I was shocked as well – the words had just flown out of my mouth. But my heart was happy. She picked out a refurb on Apple’s site and sent me emails praising God for placing me in the store at that moment. She also said her classroom work was going well. Glory to God!!