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I Like Florida.

Submitted by Joy Gibbs

a story of healing

I have a giving story. It will soon be one year since my surgery to remove a cancerous tumor . . . again, after 24 years the cancer showed up again. Surgery was a success, but there were months of complications before I began to recover. Anne, knowing my daughter well, said “It sounds like your mom needs some grace. Do you think she would like to go some place warm to recover?” To which my daughter replied, “That’s just what she needs.” Anne talked to her husband Alan who asked a few of their friends if they wanted to be a part of a surprise anonymous gift. After the flight and hotel arrangements were made he called me, and we were off to sunny Florida for rest and recuperation. God laid it on their hearts and we accepted graciously.

When such enormous generosity is shown to you, one’s heart becomes so full, that you have no other choice than to pour it out to others.