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I Like money.

Submitted by Joel Fortner

Helping people get out of debt so they can give to their heart's content

First off, I just learned about this site and I am stoked about what you’re doing! This is just amazing. I’ve shared the site and the I Like Bugshells with lots of people today.

So, to the story. My wife, MaryBeth, and I firmly believe people were made to be givers. Giving heals us and those we give to. However, so many people have gotten themselves into such financial straits, they cannot afford to give at all or at least as much as they’d like. We’re trying to change that. It’s our way of giving back to our community.

MaryBeth worked for Dave Ramsey, a famous radio show host and author, for 6 years. Dave and his team have changed literally millions of lives by helping them beat debt for good. He preaches if you can live like no else now, later you can give like no one else. MaryBeth and I are living it now, which allows us to give in many ways, such as leading a class for the first time to help people get out of debt, stay out of debt, and build wealth so they can give as much as they’d like later.

Why did I choose “money” as the title? Because if you manage it well, it gives you the ability to be a blessing to others. For many people though,
money is an absolute curse, but it doesn’t have to be. They just need to be shown a different way. That’s what we’re trying to do. It’s an incredible feeling to help people like this and to do it with my wife as team.