It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Visit our online store to purchase your license for 6 Minutes To Generosity.
2. Give us your employees email addresses and the frequency you’d like the 12 messages to be sent.
3. Send the first informational message (which we already wrote for you) and let us take care of the rest!

Create the culture you’ve always wanted by inspiring your employees with stories from I Like Giving.
6 Minutes to Generosity is a series of 12 custom emails that will be distributed automatically to your employees at the pace that works best for you. Commit six minutes or less and each email includes a story along with a challenge to your employees that will encourage them to think or act in a generous way in the workplace.
93% of people who hear one story from I Like Giving, respond by giving something, whether it be time, action, words or money. Get ready to experience major change in your business.
6 Minutes to Generosity will impact your business in a positive way and inspire your employees in areas they need it most.

We have a special version of 6 Minutes To Generosity built specifically for the church. If you’d like to purchase a license for 6 Minutes To Generosity for your church, let us know!

Contact us for the licensing fee for your church or business.

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